The Star Trek Trilogy has become a Hexalogy!

Three new Star Trek stories are now developing...

Thank you “Star Trek Beyond”!


The existence of ST Beyond (it’s existence, content, mistakes, failures (everyone is entitled to their opinion) has validated me...

...mainly it strengthened me, to write two more prequels and a sequel story which were only faintly floating around in my mind before...

...until now...

Why now exactly? Well, more about that later...

So, “thank you” Star Trek Beyond!

After my Star Trek Trilogy (Star Trek Crisis, Invaders sequel stories, and Star Trek Awakening prequel story) these three new drafts and synopses (Star Trek Parallel, Internal Conflict prequel stories and New World sequel story) ascended much higher in mind, and they have started to be written by me.

So my Star Trek vision became a Hexalogy! Not a Trilogy any longer!

For now, I do not see the point the previously announced race between my Star Trek Crisis and the released Star Trek Beyond. It is vain... (for now)

To make the entire Star Trek Crisis public now would be in vain, because 30 minutes of it is worth more than ST Beyond (or the prequel three released ST stories combined). Only 30 minutes of ST Crisis (Awakening, or Invaders) gives more intellectual depth, hidden meaning, mystery, exact science, real emotions, surprise, shock, rough action, battles, war, and actual humor (not forced humor), than any other released ST film.

I will take a new direction.

Of course, perhaps later, it may become public…we will see in the future.

...Just stand by me, if you are a demanding viewer who wants more intellectual films in the theaters, next to the generally mindless “superhero movies”.

More information will be coming soon...

The future will be interesting and full of excitement...


P.S. For the newcomers: My Star Trek Trilogy was rejected by the studios in the spring of 2014, all the way through to 2015. Finally, after rejecting my already completed storyline, the studios shot a quickly thrown together storyline (in 2015) that was written over a few short months (...and we – they and me – know exactly how it happened, did we boys?), and this became the new film, Star Trek Beyond. It was released this year, but is losing in the box office race compared to its predecessor (ST 2009 and ST Into Darkness) So, there's some kind of problem here... in the minds of the creators and franchise owners ...but... beware, it's not only their fault...


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