Talent Scouts for Star Trek Crisis!


If you or your friends are undiscovered or unrecognized talent, then apply now!

If you have talent as a 3D artist (CGI: 3D, Maya, Blender, AE... etc), music writer, costume designer, sculptor, martial arts or choreographer, comic book artist, and you feel you are at an insurmountable disadvantage, apply and join the ST Trilogy team now!

The ST Trilogy will be your talent agent – firstly – with Star Trek Crisis.

Talent shows can be biased. Some of these shows have variety, but a high percentage of discovered talents are singers.

But, what about other talents? How can an illustrator, a music writer, a costume designer or a choreographer stand in front of the jury? Or a writer? Can they read their script? Do they have hours for this? Do they have a chance at this?

Of course they don’t...


So what about the people who are behind the scenes?

Are they not talented?

So... I decided to start my own unique, self-styled “background” talent scout program.

Firstly, it will be relative to ST Crisis.


When the first script comes out, I hope a lot of talent will demonstrate and prove the fact that not all talented individuals have a job in their profession. Some are at a huge disadvantage, living in countries where it seems impossible to escape from. Or they just have no contacts to represent them and their talent.

Then, there are those who are working in the profession, but would like a chance to move up the ranks, and work on film projects. I welcome everyone.

My favorite example:

After this example, my message to the talents is:

If you’re not in the back of the classroom, but you’re in the school yard, come on, take a brick, and throw it through window and hit the teacher’s head!

Talent scouts for Star Trek Crisis!

We are waiting for applications for:

  • Artists (CGI: 3D, Maya, Blender, AE... etc.) to draw faces, humanoid races, species (animals also), ships and aircrafts, cars, tools, machines, weapons, places, environments, buildings (outside and inside also)
  • Even artists who can create a working machine, moving ships in the sky, launch of a ship or other tools, or futuristic blasts... etc.
  • Music writers, who can present their scores, or are able to write a new score which is based on a moment, an action scene, a feeling in the script. If they are ready for the challenge to be a real music writer, and have to write in consideration of a defined scene.
  • costume, clothing creators (Draw, 3D or CGI... etc.)
  • martial arts choreographer


Talents only apply here: talent[at]


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